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JetBlue Expands Mint Service from New York

On Sunday, JetBlue Airways inaugurated Mint service from New York’s JFK Airport to Seattle-Tacoma Airport. This route is the latest to receive Mint service, following a series of expansion of JetBlue’s newest premium offering from

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As Times Change for the 747, KLM Still Holds the Rare Key to One of the Queen’s Gems

Since its first flight in 1988, the Boeing 747-400 has seen five different versions produced. One of the unique versions was the 747-400M, more affectionately known as the ‘Combi.’ The unique mixed-use aircraft flew its

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JetBlue Flight Attendants Vote to Unionize

Flight attendants of New York-based JetBlue Airways have voted in support of joining the Transport Workers Union (TWU). This historic vote for the airline further shrinks the number of flight attendants at major airlines that

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Vintage Flair on Display as JFK Prepares to Open First On-Airport Hotel in 2019

On Tuesday, the old TWA Flight Center at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport opened its doors briefly to a select group of journalists to get a look at the future site of the long-awaited

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Popular CFM56-7B Engine Under FAA Scrutiny After Recent Onboard Fatality

Following the engine incident involving a Southwest 737-700 that resulted in the death of one passenger, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced they would be ordering the inspections of engine fan blades of certain CFM56-7B

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TAP Air Portugal Plans to Fly Lisbon-Buenos Aires Route

Portugal’s flag-carrier TAP Air Portugal announced that it will open a route between the European country and Argentina in 2019. The announcement was made at an event being held at Portugal’s Embassy in Buenos Aires. TAP

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TBT (Throwback Thursday) in Aviation History: Oasis Hong Kong

Despite the increasing demand of flights to Asia and the overall positive view on new low-cost carriers appearing in the Asian market, Hong Kong was one city that on the outside of that trend, as

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From Screen to Scheme: A Look at Movie, TV Show, and Airline Sponsorships

While it is common for movies and TV shows to have sponsorships with various corporations, usually the extent of these partnerships can range from appearing in the media to commercials. However, some marketing deals between

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Hawaiian Airlines Introduces Hawaiian Announcements Onboard Flights

In a new initiative to immerse its passengers into Hawaiian culture, Hawaiian Airlines initiated its first Hawaiian language flight. Hawaiian Airlines flight 18 from Honolulu to Las Vegas became the first mainland-bound flight operated by

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A String of Bad Luck? Three Near Back-to-Back Aviation Incidents in 24 Hours

The East Coast’s commercial aviation sector was hit with a heavy dose of bad luck early this week, featuring three back-to-back inflight mechanical incidents involving separate U.S. airlines. In every case, however, the rigid and persistent

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