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Southwest Airlines Accident Doesn’t Reflect a Crisis in U.S. Airline Safety

Bloomberg columnist Joe Nocera argues that despite this week's Southwest Airlines accident, airline travel is still safe. Ted Aljibe / AFP/Getty Images via BloombergSkift Take: This week's aviation news, which began with a 60-minutes report on Allegiant Air's questionable safety record and ended with the death of a Southwest Airlines passenger, likely stoked the fears of already nervous airline travelers. But if you look at...

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Airlines Need to Work Harder to Recruit More Female Pilots

EasyJet's Lisa Humphrey (captain) and Maria Stone (first officer) set off on an all-female crewed flight from London Gatwick to Agadir. There are still far too few female pilots. EasyJetSkift Take: What's most remarkable about the lack of gender diversity among airline pilots is how persistent it has been. Despite plenty of talk about attracting more women into the role, they are still a tiny...

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Weakness in Jet Engine Metal Can Stay Hidden Despite Inspections

Investigators are trying to determine the cause of a Southwest engine explosion that killed one passenger this week. Southwest jets are pictured on a runway. BloombergSkift Take: Experts say it's hard to fully identify potential weaknesses in jet engine metal. With so much attention focused on the issue following the Southwest engine explosion, new and better techniques should be developed. — Hannah SampsonRead the Complete...

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An Aviation Schmooze Fest Reveals a Passenger’s Wish List for Jet Travel

The Gogo stand at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, where a barista was on hand to serve coffee. The event is the biggest of the year. Aircraft Interiors Expo 2018Skift Take: Yes, there's some innovation on display at the annual Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg. But mostly, the three-day show is about networking and building relationships. — Brian SumersRead the Complete Story On Skift

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Why News of Allegiant Air’s Safety Record Didn’t Surprise Airline Insiders

CBS News produced a damaging report Sunday on Allegiant Air. Pictured is one the airline's MD80s in Flint, Michigan. Conor Ralph / The Flint Journal- MLive.com via APSkift Take: The information presented Sunday on 60 Minutes might be new to most travelers, but not to airline industry insiders. The question now: Is Allegiant getting better? We think the answer is yes. — Brian SumersRead the...

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Airports Are Using ‘Smart Glass’ to Get Travelers to Spend More on Food and Drinks

Smart glass can make an airport terminal more pleasant, which in turn could boost food and beverage revenue. BloombergSkift Take: If smart glass can make New York's LaGuardia Airport less depressing, we're all for that miracle, and might just order one more round. — Sarah EnelowRead the Complete Story On Skift

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JetBlue Flight Attendants Vote to Unionize as a Hedge Against a Merger

JetBlue flight attendants voted to join the Transport Workers Union, becoming only the second employee group represented by organized labor at the New York-based carrier. Mark Kauzlarich / BloombergSkift Take: JetBlue had a good long run until 2014 without a union, but this is the new reality, and more of the airline's employees may soon organize. — Sarah EnelowRead the Complete Story On Skift

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United Moving Ahead with Making Business Class More Sleep-Friendly

United Airlines will introduce a plane with Polaris business class roughly every 10 days for the foreseeable future. Pictured is the cabin on a Boeing 777-300ER. United AirlinesSkift Take: United's first quarter earnings call was uneventful. For an airline that has had more than its share of drama over the past four years, that's a good thing. — Brian SumersRead the Complete Story On Skift

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Sudan Airways May Cut Up to 80 Percent of Its Staff

Sudan Airways (Airbus 310-304 pictured) is poised for mass layoffs. Mohamed Alfatih / FlickrSkift Take: This story demonstrates the often ugly side of economic sanctions. — Deanna TingRead the Complete Story On Skift

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Southwest Airlines Passenger Death Ends Nine Years Without a Fatality

Southwest CEO Gary Kelly speaks to reporters Tuesday about the in-flight engine explosion that killed one passenger. The death broke a nine-year span during which no passenger died as a result of an accident on a U.S. airline. Sergio Flores / BloombergSkift Take: Air travel in the U.S. has had a remarkable safety record in recent years. But there is clearly room for improvement. While...

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